Hello my name is Adriana Rojas Orozco, I am thirty-five years old I am a lawyer, I was operated by Doctor Camilo Diaz on December 9, 2004, with 108 kilograms, and one meter sixty-four tall and today, May 6, 2005. With only seventy-two kilograms of weight. My goal is to reach sixty pounds. I went to the office of Dr. Camilo because my brother Jimeno is plastic surgeon of the Javeriana and a patient of the informed us that they were doing in Samaritan bariatric surgery at very reasonable prices. My brother called the department of surgery and they informed him that it was Dr. Diaz who operated, and as he had known him as a good student, he immediately told me that he recommended it as a professional and so good that precisely that day there would be a talk For bariatric patients. That same day I was able to meet other patients who had dropped sixty kilos (and I needed to lose almost fifty) after the surgery. And the most important thing was that they had kept the weight they had retreated for several years, some of them losing weight OF HAVING STAYED PREGNANT. AND NO SEQUELS FOR THE BABY. Until that moment I had already done to my three plastic surgeries that were reductive mamoplasty, lipectomy and liposuction, especially how serious it was that I had regained weight and since my obesity is centripetal I had lost practically the last two surgeries, with the seriousness that Everyone asked me if I was pregnant, but it was not all bad because when I climbed to the millennium, people immediately gave me the chair.

The postoperative experience for me has been wonderful because without depriving me of the things I like to eat, I can try everything and I fill up fast, and most importantly I can lose weight without suffering or stress, another rich thing is that as I fill up fast, and That I can be selective with food, and another important thing I have lost the taste to foods that have sweet thing that I used to love

About the care that I had to take after the surgery, the first one was that because I did not wear the girdle in the first few days, the stitches were opened and Doctor Diaz had to go back to five points of surgery, the experience for My was not painful, I felt thirsty the night of the surgery and I had no problem to suck ice, the next day I gave it was diarrhea, but I made an apology to get out of bed and leave faster, and to give me a Aroma oil sweetened with panela that I knew to glory. Then I only had three jammed two of them for trying to bite yellow cheese, which made me vomit, then I understood that if I could eat everything including cheese as long as I insert very small pieces and chew very well what I eat,

My life has CHANGED TO WELL TO THE POINT THAT IN MY NEXT HOLIDAYS THAT ARE SINCE MAY 28 I WILL BE ABLE TO USE A TWO PIECE BATHING DRESS WITHOUT BEARING. And the other people who know me and who have seen me ask me if I am in a serious mess or if I have a serious love sentence, and the more discreet people ask what diet I am doing and the old lawyers ask me in the courts that I salute the son.

Adriana Rojas Orozco